Bowtech’s complete line of bows now in stock

My favourite bows this year are the Prodigy and Boss. Not only because of their shift technology, but by their whole shape. The bows weigh a lot more than the BT’s usually do, which is pretty nice in my opinion. The draw on the Prodigy and Boss are the smoothest out there. The valley is just awesome. You can hold it for minutes. And the back wall is as solid as you would expect of a top of the range bow. The module adjustments look a bit confusing at first sight, but once you see and understand the whole system, adjusting the bow to the Soft, standard and hard draw is done in a jiffy. Another great bow is the Carbon Icon with its turn around module to adjust from the comfort setting to the speed setting. The Fuel is just the greatest adjustable bow available on the market, with a great draw, huge adjustments in weight and draw lengths. Great shooting performance, speed and compactness makes this a bow for many shooters. The Eva Shockey is a bow for the ladies that like speed and performance in a light all carbon bow. Finally the Fanatic has landed too. Ladies and Gentleman of the target archery world, they are a good looking piece of machinery and no need to check out the competition anymore. You’ve got everything you could think of in a bow. Long ata, huge brace height, high speed, slim grip, great adjustability, hard, med and soft draw stop features. It has it all.  Check out the new Bowtechs at our 2 locations and at our Bowtech dealers.

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