If you have a question check our FAQs listed below.  If you don’t find your answer you can contact us directly.

Yes, also internationally.

Yes, by visiting our showroom at 174A Warrigal Road, in Oakleigh Victoria.

No! In-shop prices are usually higher than online. That’s how it is.

Yes we are. Our shop is located in Oakleigh.

Yes, we have a bow technician who takes care of repairs and custom fittings and also makes absolutely great bow strings.

In most cases yes.

All new products that carry a manufacturers warranty are eligible for a warranty claim.
Refer to the manufacturers warranty policy to find out more about the warranty available.
New bow strings do not fall under any warranty. All strings were checked prior to the sale.
And all strings that were not fitted on our premises are out of our controll and we do
not take responsebility for any injuries or breakage that could occur from mishandling or faulty equipment.